About Seth Matisak

Hands on Head of Design based in the UK

In my current role I have my hands in a lot of different design jars. In one jar I’m a Brand Designer, which is a major part of what I do. It’s my main jam really and something I’m super passionate about. I love to dig in and learn about a company’s soul through Strategy Workshops and how to translate that data into something visual that users can connect with. I’ve helped Series A companies like LiveBetterWith reinvent themselves with an identity and experience that speaks to their audience in a meaningful way and I’ve worked with our idea stage companies like Wager to set the foundations of their brand and user experience without breaking the bank. 

I also design Product Experiences. Like when I helped lead a design sprint to discover what the very first Patch Gardens experience would be. Turns out after a bit of testing what we came up with that week wasn’t the experience users preferred and that’s okay. I lean on agile principles when so testing fast and failing faster is part of the gig and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Off the back of Brand Designing and Product Designing I get to take that new identity and apply it in a meaningful way across all the product touch points you can think of. I’ve been hands off at times as Creative Director for contract designers or acting as Art Director on photography shoots but I love to get stuck in myself. I’ve designed for a range of touch points in both print and digital from expansive React Native Apps, responsive website UI and 45ft billboards to smaller touch points like web ads, business cards, and email templates. The point is it’s extremely important all your touch points are giving your users a consistent experience and that’s something I specialise in. 

My beliefs

Be Human

No politicking or self-motivated decisions

Life’s too short. Pettiness and ass hole-lry are a huge no. I care too much about good vibes and smiling so I tend to search for and work with people who enjoy working their asses off without being negative about it.


Motivated to craft meaningful experiences.

It’s easy to make something look pretty but that’s not why I’m a designer. Good design communicates beyond looks. It’s rooted in deep meaning and it means an inspiring and joyful experience from beginning to end.


Balancing passions to stay present

Design is and will always be my go to passion / hobby / career but that doesn’t mean it’s the be all end all of me. I believe you have to other outlets and interests to keep your mind fresh. My beautiful wife and daughter keep me level headed while our 2 labradors push the other way. Painting has also been an important creative outlet for me through the years including putting on a solo show in my hometown of Cleveland. Check it out here.